Accelerating Column

Our company performs design services, production, installation and automation of the distillation/rectification unit and heat-transfer equipment according to customer's technical requirements.

We can produce both standard and non-standard equipment for all branches of industry according to customer's design documentation or according to the documentation developed by our company based on customer's technical specification and according to the new construction technologies.

Accelarating(evaporating) column is appointed for addative agents concentraction. It can work under atmospheric, overpressure or under vacuum.

The columns are a vertical cylinder equipped with contact devices of plates or nozzle type. The plate-type contact devices are divided into sieve, valve, single-cap, multicap, and scaly ones. Packing-type contact devices come with regular and irregular packings. Can be made of AISI 304 stainless steel or M2 copper.

Designation of the columns Diameter of the column, mm Type of the plate Quantity of plates, pcs. Plate spacing, mm Provisional column height, mm Provisional column mass, kg
A05-700/0,17/57 V 700 valve plate 57 170 12960 2460
A05-700/0,17/63 V 63 13980 2644
A05-700/0,17/57 B multicap plate 57 12960 3070
A05-700/0,17/63 B 63 13980 3305
A05-900/0,17/57 B 900 57 13160 4665
A05-900/0,17/63 B 63 14180 5030
A05-900/0,17/57 V valve plate 57 13160 3735
A05-900/0,17/63 V 63 14180 4025
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