White Petal (soybean oil meal) Production Line

White petal or skim soybean flour (WF) production line.

The technology for obtaining skimmed soybean flour (WF) is pretty standard.

The quality of products directly depends on the properly selected equipment, its configuration and choice of technology, which will allow to produce high-quality products, with high dispersion and solubility (PDI/NSI), for further processing to isolates and concentrates ^P1^RS). Currently, most soybean protein products in the world are produced from white petal( soybean oil meal) (BL - a hexane-fat-free petal derived from food varieties of peeled soybean seeds). To produce a high PDI/NSI petal, we use the solvent distillation system in the gas pipe (flush) and superheated solvent vapors, with which we achieve high characteristics.

The installed module (line) for the production of low-fat soybean flour (WF) is capable of producing high quality products suitable for further processing for soybean isolates.

Quality indicators of manufactured products: PDI 75 and above, oil content not more than 0.8%, protein is not less than 55%.

In addition to the main products of the Soybean Flour Production Line (WF), there is also by-products, which are widely used both in livestock and in the food industry.

Solvent extraction and removal scheme

Solvent extraction and removal scheme

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