SEPAK®-C (Ceramic Structured Packings)

SEPAK®-C Ceramic Structured Packing

Ceramic surface can generate extremely thin liquid film. Turbulent liquid flow and tortuous vapor flow passages promote mixing of liquid and vapor with a low pressure drop. These are reasons that our ceramic structured packings have the same mass transfer efficiency as metal packings. Meanwhile, they are much more resistant to corrosion and high temperature than metal packings.

The surface structure of ceramic packing can promote its wetting and help maintain liquid hold-up at a minimum. Thus, chance for the system to be overheated, polymerized and coked can be minimized.

Excellent Features

  • Excellent surface wetting ability, larger mass transfer area, and higher separation efficiency, owing to the special surface structure;
  • High compressive strength;
  • Available specific surface area between 64m²/m³ and 500m²/m³;
  • Little magnifying effect;
  • More fields/conditions to be applicable.


  • Distillations and Absorption of strong corrosive mixtures;
  • Distillation of halogenated organic components;
  • Used as heat-exchanger, catalyst support.
Type Crimp angle Surface area, m²/m³ Void factor %
SP-C 125Y 45º 125 90
SP-C 125X 60º 125 90
SP-C 160Y 45º 160 85
SP-C 160X 60º 160 85
SP-C 250Y 45º 250 80
SP-C 250X 60º 250 80
SP-C 350Y 45º 350 78
SP-C 350X 60º 350 78
SP-C 450Y 45º 450 72
SP-C 450X 60º 450 72
SP-C 470X 60º 470 75
SP-C 700Y 45º 700 80


 Structured Packing

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