Industrial mixers, agitators

The devices are manufactured in the following range:

  • agitators – mechanical devices for mixing products at low speeds (speed of rotation of the working body up to 200 rpm);
  • mixers– mechanical devices for mixing products at high speeds (the speed of the working body from 200 rpm to 1500 rpm).

The main parameters, dimensions, and boundary deviations from the nominal dimensions of the devices must correspond to the following table

Industrial mixers, agitators

Example of recording the mixer designation when ordering and in other documentation where the wine can be used:

Paddle agitator ML 40 16 95 TU U 28.9-21085928-001:2018 where:

  • ML paddle agitator-type of agitator;
  • 40 – diameter of the impeller, cm;
  • 16-shaft length x 100, mm;
  • 95 – speed of rotation, rpm

By design, the following types of agitators are distinguished:

Each type of mixing device, in fact, performs the same function-mixing different components into a homogeneous (homogeneous) mass, to obtain a certain type of suspensions or emulsions.

However, depending on the type of products to be mixed, their density and viscosity, and the size of the container itself, it is necessary to choose the right type of agitator (mixer) to get the best result.