Bioethanol, alcohol plants

The production of ethyl alcohol (ethanol) is an important component in global industrial production. Produced from any raw material that contains polysaccharides, disaccharides and monosaccharides. Ethanol is divided into types depending on the final purpose of further use: rectified, dehydrated, raw alcohol, distillates. Rectified ethanol is used for the production of alcoholic beverages (vodka, tinctures), pharmaceuticals, perfumes. Dehydrated alcohol is used mainly for fuel production (E5-E85). Raw alcohol and distillates are used for the production of whiskey, cognac, brandy, cognac, tequila, rum, etc. The quality of ethanol (concentration of impurities and organoleptic assessment) is regulated by the relevant regulations (EN, GOST, DSTU, etc.)

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Our specialists work with controllers of any complexity and configurations, starting from simple home-made controllers to multimodule foreign ones. One-year warranty period is provided for all executed services.

We offer the following services:

  • site analysis;
  • automation design development;
  • switchboard wiring of automation;
  • programming of industrial controllers;
  • automation system maintenance.

Автоматизация брагоректификационной установки (БРУ)

Интерфейс программы автоматического управления установкой микрофильтрации с керамическими мембранами.


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Development of Engineering Solutions

Engineering solutions developed by "BTS-ENGINEERING" are focused on materials cost saving and power consumption reduction, improvement of technological parameters at food industry enterprises and increase in capacity. Thus, the production efficiency is also improved.

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Availability of experienced personnel enables us to offer design services in:

  • different fuel-types modern boiler houses with full automation range;
  • central heating station and automated control unit which operate automatically with heat supply control which in turn depends upon the weather;
  • utility systems (water supply, heating system, ventilation, waste water disposal system, gas supply), the things we cannot imagine our complete modern life without;
  • manufacturing engineering based on fermentation techniques with the cycle of complete product processing;
  • process control of manufacturing methods; automation of heating systems, ventilation and heat generation;
  • process and equipment control systems as well as technological cycles and enterprises in general.

Система оборотного водоснабжения

Проектирование заводов

Проектирование котельных

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Equipment Supply and Completing

Due to cooperation with many European manufacturers we can supply different process equipment.

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Start-Up Operations

After construction and installation works are finished start-up works are performed that are aimed at adjusting installed active equipment as well as controlling the availability of system operation. Performance of start-up work allows identifying and eliminating possible non-compliancies in time before putting facility into operation.

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