Processing of distillery stillage


Subsidiary enterprise "BTS-ENGINEERING" carries out construction of offices for the processing of distillery stillage.

At the stage of distilling alcohol, the main waste of its production is formed – distillery dreg. For existing alcohol production Subsidiary Enterprise "BTS-ENGINEERING" offers the construction of plants for the processing of distillery stillage.1

Барда послеспиртовая сухаяDistillery stillage is processed to produce DDGS:

  • DDGS (dried distillers grains with solvents ) – can be used as a high-quality animal feed.

Advanced technologies used in the construction of post-alcohol bard processing units ensure high quality of the resulting dry enriched distiller's wash (DDGS) at a low level of energy consumption.

Department of complex processing of dried distillers – 3D model.

Отделение комплексной переработке барды – 3D модель

Use of membrane technologies for separation and thickening of process waste

Use of membrane technologies for separation and thickening of process waste

  • The scheme uses existing membrane installations with replacement ceramic membranes.
  • The membrane technology reduces the consumption of "fresh" artesian water for the technology and reduces the discharge of process wastewater.

Projects for distillery stillage processing.

The production of DDGS.

  • Development and implementation of DDGS production scheme from distillery stillage
  • Development, laboratory research of filtration technologies in the production of ethanol, bioethanol, DDGS from distillery stillage
  • Design of a laboratory ultrafiltration unit
  • Debugging technologies on a laboratory installation
  • Design and engineering of a pilot ultrafiltration plant
  • Installation, start-up and operation of a pilot plant
  • Development and implementation of integrated grain processing scheme
  • Development and implementation of an automated process control system (automated process control system) using the original software product
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