Start-Up and Commissioning Works

Professional staff of BTS-ENGINEERING performs start-up and commissioning worksupon completion of construction and installation works.

The skilled workers of our company can perform service, start-up and commissioning works in the fields of:

  • Automatic control systems;
  • Automatic control systems of processes and utility equipment.

Start-up and commissioning works are aimed at adjusting installed active equipment as well as checking whether the system is ready to function as a whole. Performing of start-up and commissioning works allows detecting and eliminating of probable mismatches timely, before putting the facility into operation.

Start-up and commissioning works are performed according to the program for performing start-up and commissioning works approved by the customer. The program specifies the time of works performing, by which the main process equipment should be ready.

While performing the start-up and commissioning works, operability is to be checked as a complex. The result of the start-up and commissioning works refers to operability of the systems absolutely ready for production handover to the customer.

By the end of the start-up and commissioning works, full-scale testing of equipment and automatic systems is carried out. Besides, reporting documentation with recommendations and remarks is issued. BTS-ENGINEERING is a licensed contractor for all kinds of the works listed.


  1. Quality of electric installation works, start-up and commissioning works.
  2. Quality certificate for electric installation equipment.
  3. Keeping the terms of work performance.

We have experience and perform start-up and commissioning works of the following equipment, devices, systems and complexes:


Installation, start-up and commissioning works of boiler houses
BTS-ENGINEERING can perform installation of heating systems of any complexity

Installation of boiler equipment is a responsible kind of work, which is to be performed by qualified specialists. An attempt “to save money” and to install boiler equipment by own forces or with the help of familiar “craftsmen” can lead to serious accidents and unforeseen additional expenses, up to replacement of installed equipment. Our specialists with rich installation experience in various plant facilities will professionally operate without compromising project regulations and safety standards.

Монтаж и пусконаладочные работы котельных / БТС-ИНЖИНИРИНГ

KOLVIK-100 HTE Multifuel boilers

Group of line pumps on a discharge header

Boiler room

Пусконаладочные работы (пусконаладка) / БТС-ИНЖИНИРИНГ

Boiler and pump room

General view of boiler room

Liquid coupling, manifold header and group of line pumps

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