Our company provides a wide range of services in the field of process automation. Under conditions of increasing competition and toughening of product quality requirements, enterprises face the problem of the process automation that frequently cannot be easily solved on their own or sometimes cannot be solved at all.

Developent of APCS is performed by specialists of the Subsidiary Enterprise "BTS-ENGINEERING" in the following directions:

  • Designing of automatic process control system;
  • Designing of automatic system of process protection and interlocks;
  • Designing of systems of dispatch and utility system control;
  • Designing of cable routing;
  • Formation of technical and commercial proposal.

The following works are being performed while designing:

  • Assessment of automation object status;
  • Definition of the main automation purposes and automatic control system requirements;
  • Estimation of cost indicators of the works performed;
  • Technical requirements of the system in general and its major components (subsystems, software and hardware means as well as complexes, special tasks etc.) being confirmed by Customer;
  • Elaboration of design solutions;
  • Elaboration and execution of documentation for the delivery of items intended for automation system equipping.

Equipment Delivery

Subsidiary Enterprise "BTS-ENGINEERING" performs a complex delivery of automation equipment made by the leading world manufacturers.

Upon your request, within a very short period of time, our professionals will make up a required set of equipment which absolutely meets the requirements and has a good quality and price ratio.

Start-Up Operations

When the installation works are finished, the start-up operations are being performed aimed to adjust the installed equipment and to check the availability of system operation in general. Performing of start-up operations makes it possible to detect and eliminate potential mismatches before putting the facility into operation.

Start-up operations can include:

  • Elaboration of a program for installation and start-up operations;
  • Equipment installing and connecting;
  • Input control check of the equipment;
  • Adjustment of separate units and devices;
  • Software debugging and equipment parameterization;
  • Unit adjustment, optimization of algorithms and interconnections between subsystems of automatic control;
  • Acceptance testing provision and execution of relevant documentation.

Implemented Projects

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