Refractory Ball

The refractory ball

The refractory ball is made of alumina and refractory kaolin. It is made by scientific formula, molding and high temperature calcination. It is especially suitable for high and low temperature shifting furnace, reforming furnace, hydroconverter, desulfurization tank and methanation furnace of fertilizer plant. In the process of dispersing gas and liquid, supporting, covering and protecting the catalyst. Refractory balls can also be used in hot blast stoves and heating converters in the steel industry. The refractory ball is divided into: mechanism mullite ball, mechanism aluminum magnesium ball, mechanism high strength high density high aluminum ball, high aluminum 65 low creep ball, high aluminum 75 low creep ball, mechanism magnesium aluminum chrome ball, mechanism magnesium chromium Ball, handmade magnesium chrome ball, high strength high aluminum ball, hand low creep ball.

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