SEPAK®-G (Gauze Type Structured Packing)

SEPAK® -G Gauze Type Structured Packing

Design of SEPAK®-G Structured Packings is similar to SEPAK® Packings, the SEPAK®-G corrugated sheet is made of metal gauze. SEPAK®-G Structured Packings are mainly used in chemical industry, pharmacy etc.

SEPAK®-G Structured Packings have a large number of theoretically perfect trays, minimum pressure drop for every meter and little liquid carryover.

Construction material: stainless steel, carbon steel, copper, bronze.

Specific features:

  • Large number of theoretical degrees;
  • Minimum pressure drop, 0.01-0.06 kPa for every theoretical degree;
  • Good irrigation ability;
  • Little liquid resistance;
  • Minimum liquid load: approximately 0.2 m³ (m²xh).


  • Distillation, which requires a large number of theoretical degrees - 4;
  • Separation, distillation and absorption of thermally sensitive materials;
  • Isomer separation;
  • Laboratory separation as well as purification.

Type Crimp angle Surface area, m²/m³ Void factor %
SP-G 250Y 45º 250 97
SP-G 250X 60º 250 97
SP-G 350Y 45º 350 95
SP-G 350X 60º 350 95
SP-G 500Y 45º 500 93
SP-G 500X 60º 500 93
SP-G 700Y 45º 700 87


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