Turnkey Plant Construction

From 3D-model to the real project

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Engineering and turnkey construction of new plants for production of alcohol-containing matter, bioethanol, etc.

BTS-ENGINEERING performs reconstruction as well as designing of the plants of various sizes and specialities not only within the territory of Ukraine, but also in the territory of CIS countries, European Union and Africa.

BTS-ENGINEERING offers its customers complex supervision and implementation of the whole "turnkey" project: from the stage of designing up to the stage of putting into commercial operation and further post-sale service.

BTS-ENGINEERING offers "turnkey" construction services of the following plants:

  • Alcohol plants
  • Biofuel plants


  • engineering and complex designing of the whole facility;
  • manufacture and supply of the whole range of required equipment;
  • process automation;
  • installation, installation supervision, commissioning and personnel training.

Such an approach ensures project implementation in a shorter period of time, prompt solution of occurring problems and questions, the possibility to manufacture equipment strictly under specific requirements of the customer as well as other important advantages.

Based on the leading scientific research, commitment to innovations and profound knowledge in alcohol industry, the specialists of BTS-ENGINEERING create unique personal solutions in the field of alcohol plant construction which contribute to the success business of our customers.

List of the Projects
Revamping of process sections of distillation and rectification on the plant AO “BIOFUTURE”, Silute, Lithuania.

3D проектирования

3D design

Монтаж колонны

Column installation

Монтаж колонны

After installation of column equipment

Distillery dregs processing

3D проектирования

3D design

Монтаж установки микрофильтрации

Installation of microfiltration unit

Запуск установки микрофильтрации

Start-up of microfiltration unit

Circulation water supply system of the revamped sections of distillation and rectification

3D проектирования

3D design

Монтаж установки микрофильтрации

Installation of heat exchangers

Запуск установки

Unit start-up

Circulation water supply system

Система оборотного водоснабжения
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