SEPAK®-P (Plastic Structured Packing)

SEPAK®-P Plastic Structured Packing

 The packing has advantages such as light, high capacity, low pressure drop, large specific surface area, easy replacement, etc. It is widely used in unit operations like rectification, absorption and extraction.

The material’s heat resistance reaches 100℃ for PP and 150℃ for PVDF. The packing sheet may be perforated with small holes to increase mass transfer efficiency. If the separation requirement is not high, it needs no perforation on the surface. In this way the sheet stiffness can be ensured.

Type Crimp angle Surface area, m²/m³ Void factor %
SP-P 125Y 45º 125 98,5
SP-P 125X 60º 125 98,5
SP-P 250Y 45º 250 97
SP-P 250X 60º 250 97
SP-P 350Y 45º 350 95
SP-P 350X 60º 350 95
SP-P 500Y 45º 500 93
SP-P 500X 60º 500 93


 Structured Packing

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