Ceramic membrane structure

The ceramic membrane consists of 99.5% aluminum oxide and has a coaxial structure represented by three layers:

  • Filter, the thinnest inner layer;
  • Intermediate middle layer;
  • The reference outer layer.

The structure of the ceramic membrane:

Ceramic membrane structure

Figure 1. Photo of a ceramic membrane under a scanning microscope 1 – filter layer; 2-intermediate layer; 3-support layer

As can be seen from the figure, the principle of filtration by decreasing pore size is implemented in the ceramic membrane, which explains the high filtration rate and, accordingly, the throughput of the membranes, the low hydraulic resistance of the membrane and low pressure losses in it in comparison with other types of membranes.

Membrane ceramic elements are made single-and multi-channel, the appearance of membrane ceramic elements:

Ceramic membrane structure

Figure 2. Appearance of single-and multi-channel membrane ceramic elements

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