SPI and Enzymes Insulate Soy Insulate Production L

Soy Insulate Production Line is a high-tech production, with the use of the most modern equipment, fully automated, with minimal human influence on progress of the technological process.

The technology of production of soybean isolate is the most progressive and is used in factories in Israel, America and China, with the use of the highest quality equipment of such well-known companies as GEA , APV, etc.

Soybean isolate, a deep soybean processing product, is produced by acid deposition. This process of separating protein from sugar fibers occurs by adding acid and correcting PH at the isoelectric point (known as the point of maximum protein separation). For the production of products with high helium strength, emulsivity, dispersion, as well as white color and neutral taste, the process of special heat treatment ^P is used) followed by drying in a special spray plant ^), which plays an important role in completing the process cycle, and eventually in ensuring the quality of the final products.

Recommendations on the productivity of the insulate line are due to the analysis of the soybean market, based on the internal needs of Ukraine, as well as taking into account the growth of production and the increase of existing capacities enterprises of meat processing industry, confectionery industry, enterprises for the production of baby food, production of therapeutic and prophylactic and gerontological nutrition.

This line provides for the production of soybean isolates with enzymes, which today has a huge sales market, with the minimum availability of these products at the international, as well as on regional soybean market.

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