Pall Rings, PP, 25 mm, 69 kg / m3, Pall Ring Company

Pall Rings, PP, 25 mm, 69 kg / m3, Pall Ring Company


Features Pall Rings, PP, 25 mm, 69 kg / m3, Pall Ring Company

Pall Ring Company
Country of Origin
United Kingdom
Nozzle type
Pall Ring
Void factor, %
Pour density, kg/m3
Specific surface area, m2/m3
Quantity m.cubic
49 360
Diameter, mm
Analogue for
НКС DOLSIN, MACH Engineering LLC, Christy Catalytics, Koch-Glitsch, AMACS, Ultimo Engineers, MTE, Pall Ring Company, Munters


Although Raschig Rings and Pall Rings have similar cylindrical dimensions, the Pall Ring has the advantage of having two rows of punched holes with inwardly curved tabs, which greatly improves the performance of the tip in terms of throughput, efficiency and drop. pressure. We can offer this type of packing in various plastic variations: PP, PVDF, HDPE, glass-filled polypropylene and PVC. Power and pressure drop • Most suitable for low pressure drops, high performance; • Wide range of sizes allows to work with optimal efficiency and provides good throughput; • Consistent ratio of free and blocked passages, independent of direction; • Large specific surface area: the volume factor increases the rate of surface renewal of the liquid film to improve mass transfer. Delay and two-phase contact • Promotes highly efficient two-phase contact and distribution; • Relatively high fluid reserve contributes to high absorption efficiency, especially in cases where the reaction rate is slow; • Uninterrupted and consistent passages for gas and liquid flow. Versatility • Open, stitched design provides highly efficient use of ring surface area; • Resistant to liquid and vapor distribution. mechanical strength • The internal transverse structure of the diametrical spars makes the packing mechanically strong and is suitable for use in deep columns.

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