Yard Hydrant BG-206

Yard Hydrant BG-206


Features Yard Hydrant BG-206

Pump models
Submersible part length, mm
1 830
Length, mm
2 510


Frost proof yard hydrant for the whole year water supply. It works under the subfreezing temperatures. There is no need to shut it off or tap out the water for the winter time. It is the perfect solution for the installation on the yard, garden, on farm, backyard to obtain water, wash hands or car, etc. It is the must-have for bath-houses: hydrant can be installed inside the bath house or directly next to it, throwing inside the water hose. The result is that you won’t need to haul water to bath by hands, the water supply will be provided for whole year. Also it is possible to install at your location as the fire hydrant. Frost proof yard hydrant for the whole year water supply at any location that is comfortable for you. It is set up below the ground at place of water pipeline or on the derived circuit. Water supplying valve is beneath the frost level the same as water pipeline. When closing the water supply, its residues are leak out into the drain due to the patented valve system. As a result, there is no remained water in the riser and the hydrant does not freeze at subfreezing temperatures. Now you do not need to carry water in buckets to the street from a warm room, to block the summer water supply for the winter, etc. Simply raise the hydrant handle and draw water. The output thread on the hydrant nozzle allows you to connect a watering hose to it. The hydrant handle is equipped with a padlock hole, which will allow unauthorized persons to block the use of the hydrant. Convenient hook for hanging a bucket. You can choose a hydrant model according to the depth of soil freezing in your area.

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