ХО 20/53 - К - СД chemical pump

ХО 20/53 - К - СД chemical pump

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Features ХО 20/53 - К - СД chemical pump

Serial number of the pump
Nom.head, meter of water column
Nom.flow rate, m3/h
Input pipe diameter
Output pipe diameter
сталь хромоникелевая 12Х18Н9ТЛ
Material of flow channel
Chrome-nickel steel 12Х18Н9ТЛ
Power capacity, kW
Rate of turn, rpm
2 900
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Pump X 20/53 - chemical pump. The pump X 20/53 compares favorably with imported analogs with a price that is not inferior in quality. Reliable, easy to operate. When selecting a pump, determine the required parameters - the material of the flow path, the type of seal, the power of the electric motor. The productivity of the pump X 20/53 is 20 cubic meters. Head 50 m.w.st. Chemical pumps X 20/53 are used for pumping aggressive, chemically active, toxic, flammable, various kinds of neutral media. The pumped medium may contain hazardous substances of different hazard classes, whose vapors, together with air, can form explosive mixtures under certain conditions. These include liquefied gases. Therefore, the need to work in explosive or fire hazardous conditions must be specified when ordering! The density of the pumped medium by the pump X 20/53 must be no more than 1850 kg / m³, the content of solid inclusions in an amount of no more than 0.1% by volume with a particle size of no more than 0.2 mm. Symbols for chemical pumps X: X (1) O (2) 50 (3) -32 (4) -250 (5) –K (8) –SD (9) -U3 (10), where: 1. Unit version: without number - unit with mounting spacer "1" - unit without mounting spacer 2. Pump type: X - chemical, horizontal, cantilever (O) - with cooling / heating for hot and crystallizing liquids (A) - for liquids with abrasive inclusions (M) - chemical cantilever monoblock (P) - chemical semi-submersible vertical (E) - explosion-proof version 3. Diameter of the suction pipe, mm 4. Diameter of the discharge pipe, mm 5. Nominal diameter of the impeller, mm 6. Trimming the impeller: without letter - nominal impeller diameter "A" - reduced diameter for work in the middle of the field Q-H "B" - reduced diameter for work in the lower part of the Q-H field 7. Symbol for the immersion depth (for semi-submersible pumps), m 8. Material of the flow path K - Chrome-nickel steel 12Х18Н9ТЛ A - Carbon steel 25L E - Chromonickel-molybdenum 12Х18Н12М3ТЛ D - Chromium cast iron ChKh28 I - Chromonickel-molybdenum-copper steel 07HN25MDTL L- High-alloyed siliceous cast iron ChS15 M - Chromonickel silicon steel 16X18H12S4TUL T- Titanium alloy TL3 or VT-5L N- Nickel-based alloy KhN65MVL P - glass-filled polypropylene 9. Sealing type: "C" - single stuffing box "SD" - double stuffing box "5" - single end "55" - double end "55T" - end type "Tandem" 10. Climatic modification and category of placement

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