Food pump Ya9-ONTs-1, 30m3/h, 5,5kW, 380V

Food pump Ya9-ONTs-1, 30m3/h, 5,5kW, 380V


Features Food pump Ya9-ONTs-1, 30m3/h, 5,5kW, 380V

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The centrifugal monoblock pump unit type Я9-ОНЦ-1 is designed for pumping such food products as milk, soft drinks, alcoholic beverages, fruit and vegetable juices, as well as other similar liquid foods in terms of viscosity and chemical activity. The food pump Я9-ОНЦ-1 is made also in monoblock execution and is capable to pump products with a temperature from 5 ° to 120 ° C. The flowing part of pumps is made of food stainless steel of the AISI 304 brand. The centrifugal electric pump of the Ya9-ONTs-1 brand is a horizontal monoblock pump unit, console type. The housing of the electric pump is mounted on the flange of the motor through the connecting flange. The motor shaft is extended by a special tip on which the removable plug of face consolidation, and then the impeller fastened by a nut is put. All parts of the end seal of the pump Ya9-ONTs-1 are mounted in the general case and are closed by a cover which role is carried out by a forward wall of a connecting flange. The design of the electric pump allows its baseless installation on a floor of shop on legs. To eliminate unnecessary noise at the point of contact of the legs with the support surface, it is recommended to put pillows made of sheet rubber, at least 5 mm thick. Before starting the centrifugal food pump Я9-ОНЦ-1, the shut-off and cooling liquid (water) should be supplied to the sealing zone, for the supply and discharge of which two fittings are screwed into the sealing housing of the electric pump. A adjustable clamp must be fitted to the drain hose to maintain the required pressure in the sealing area. The electric pump is designed to work under the bay. To do this, when pumping dairy products, it must be set below the liquid level. The value of the required support for suction is determined by the density, temperature of the pumped liquid and the value of the required cavitation reserve. The higher the density of the fluid being pumped, the greater the suction pressure. During the operation of the milk pump Я9-ОНЦ-1 the pumped liquid is fed along the axis of the housing through the suction pipe to the blades of the impeller. When the impeller rotates, the liquid is thrown away by the blades and under the action of centrifugal force enters the discharge pipe.

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