BE-G 20 HP 0.6 gear pump

BE-G 20 HP 0.6 gear pump


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Application: pump for juice, milk, whey, pumping wine, wine material, beer, wort, syrup, water, emulsion and oil. Electric gear pumps of the "G" series have been developed for pumping all conventional non-aggressive viscous liquids whose viscosity at 40 ° C is within 1 ° on the Engler scale (for example: water, diesel fuel. Periodic operation only to avoid overheating) and the 7th Engler (SAE 30 engine oil or SAE 80 transmission oil, continuous service). Liquids must be clean, free of solid particles. They are suitable for pumping synthetic oil, mineral oil, water, wine, olive oil, milk or diesel fuel. Gear electric pumps can suck up liquid at a height of up to 2 meters without recharging; if the height difference is greater, it will be enough to put a check valve at the end of the suction pipe and fill it up to the pump. To increase the suction capacity, pour about 10 ml of the liquid to be pumped into the pump. In any case, it is always important to bring the pump closer to the tank with the pumped liquid. If the pump runs dry for more than 10 seconds, there is a risk of damage. Never turn on the pump without hose connectors. Always connect the supplied filter to the suction pipe before starting the pump. Gear pumps can only be used with a metering gun in combination with the safety valve code 920035. All models can operate continuously at a maximum pressure of 2 bar (0.2 MPa). The 230 V models are equipped with a switch to change the direction of rotation of the motor, which allows you to freely choose the direction of pumping. Battery-powered models have a rotation direction associated with the polarity of the electrical terminals. The pump can be used to pump any conventional conventional oil that does not need to be chemically aggressive or abrasive. Some examples: vegetable oil, synthetic oil, hydraulic oil. Routine maintenance requires a small number of simple interventions, as if it were a normal household appliance. After use, drain clean water to flush the inner surfaces of the pump. The electric motor does not require maintenance, there are no parts for lubrication. The outer parts must be cleaned with a slightly damp sponge, and then immediately dried with a cloth.

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