TIDALFLUX-electromagnetic flow meter

TIDALFLUX - электромагнитный  расходомер

TIDALFLUX electromagnetic flow meters.
TIDALFLUX is a magneto-induction flow meter with a built-in capacitive level measurement system. It provides accurate flow measurement when the liquid level in the pipeline is from 10 to 100%.

Technical parameters:

Primary sensor IFS 4000 PF

Nominal dimensions of the device design

  • Nominal dimensions: DN200-1600
  • Protection class: IP 67, equivalent to NEMA 6 (IEC 529 / 60529)
  • Protected version: optional Ex N, Zone 2

Medium specification

  • Liquid medium: water and waste water
  • Electrical conductivity: > 50 µS / cm
  • Flow rate in the pipe: at least 10 % of the inner diameter of the pipe
  • Ambient temperature: -5 to + 60°C
  • Ambient temperature: – 25 + 60°C
  • Maximum operating pressure: 10 bar / 150 psig

General information about the flow measurement system

  • Measurement principle: flow measurement by electromagnetic field
  • Measurement range: when the pipe is fully filled, from 34 m3 per hour (minimum for DN200) to 100,000 m3 per hour (maximum for DN1600). Equivalent to measuring the flow rate of 0.3-12 m per second
  • Electrode design: 1 pair of electrodes fixed in a tube with a polished surface
  • Power supply for the field windings: from the signal Converter
  • Ground rings: as additional equipment

Overview of the built-in level measurement system

  • Measurement principle: capacitive level measurement, inside the coated measuring tube
  • Pipe filling: at least 10% of the inner diameter of the pipe, the signal at the outputs is set to "zero" when the pipe filling decreases below 10%
  • Power supply: voltage, frequency 230/115 V AC, 50-60 Hz, other power ratings on request; power consumption 14 VA

Materials that the device is made of

  • Measuring tube: structural steel 1.4301 (or more resistant material) / AISI 304
  • Coating: Irathane®, 12 mm
  • Electrodes: Hastelloy® C4, others on request
  • Connection flanges* structural steel 1.0038 (RST 37.2)
  • Converter housing* sheet steel
  • Electronic unit housing* aluminum
  • PG Nickel-plated cable entry
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