WATERFLUX-electromagnetic flow meter

WATERFLUX - электромагнитный расходомер

Electromagnetic flow meter for water use, water treatment and wastewater treatment with built-in battery and GSM module.

  • Battery powered; remote transmission of measured consumption data and service information
  • Easy installation; no straight sections required at the entrance and exit
  • The signal Converter with IP 68 protection provides the ability to work in flooded areas


  • Unparalleled for measuring water flow; battery life up to 15 years
  • The unique design of the primary Converter, which has a rectangular cross-section of the measuring tube, allows you to measure stably and accurately even small costs
  • Wide range of measurements. High accuracy with maximum flow during the day and low flow at night.
  • It has certificates in accordance with OIML R 49 (Approved for commercial accounting) class 1 and 2, and MID Annex MI-001. Optional-confirmation by MID Annex MI-001 for water flow meters (Module B and D)
  • No straight sections are required during installation - for example, after bending (mid / OIML R49 certificates)
  • Installation in any direction
  • Measurement in two directions
  • Installation of submersible in flooded measurement chambers (IP 68 / NEMA 6P)
  • Special coating for installation on underground pipelines (IP68): cameras are not required for maintenance
  • Rilsan ® polymer coating is widely used in the field of water use and is certified for use on drinking water in accordance with the requirements of ACS, DVGW, KTW, NSF and WRc. Thanks to the new virtual grounding, there is no need for grounding electrodes and expensive grounding rings anymore
  • High reliability and maintenance-free. Does not require additional maintenance; does not have rotating or moving parts; Does not have parts that enter the flow, does not have parts that are subject to contamination.
  • Optionally it can be used in conjunction with the KGA 42 data transfer module for transmitting data over GSM to remote devices for analysis and archiving


  • Scope of water use
  • Distribution and accounting of drinking water
  • Irrigation system
  • Measuring the flow of raw water, drinking water and water for irrigation systems, water from wells
  • Monitoring of water distribution in the water supply network
  • Leak monitoring system
  • Measurement of water consumption
  • Commercial accounting of industrial and drinking water
  • Desalination plant

Example of application

  • Measurement of raw water, drinking water, and irrigation water consumption
  • Measurement of water from wells
  • For testing wells and pumps
  • Monitoring of water distribution in the water supply network
  • Leak monitoring system
  • Measurement of water consumption
  • Monitoring of water consumption in distributed water supply systems
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