Ceramic membrane

As a core technology, BTS-ENGINEERING has become the largest manufacturer of ceramic membrane elements and a world leader in cross-filtration. Ceramic membranes are tubular composite membranes on an open porous carrier made of high-purity α-aluminum oxide (AL2O3) and titanium oxide (TiO2). The ceramic membrane is optimized for maximum water permeability and high mechanical stability.

BTS-ENGINEERING ceramic membrane has an asymmetric structure consisting of three layers, which are the filter layer, the intermediate layer and the support layer. The pressure drop of such an asymmetric structure is lower than that of the symmetrical structure of another membrane, which means that the ceramic membrane element has a better recovery.

BTS-ENGINEERING ceramic membrane adopts dynamic cross-filtration mode, which is completely different from dead-end filtration and precipitation filtration.

The feed flows into the membrane channel at a cross-flow rate. Under a certain pressure (Trans-membrane pressure), small molecular substances or pure liquids pass vertically through the membrane layer to penetrate, macromolecular substances or solids are captured by the membrane, thereby achieving the goal of clarification, concentration and purification. Cross-filtering mode allows you to achieve stable flows.

The BTS-ENGINEERING ceramic membrane is the ideal choice for high-value-added products that require selective separation from dense liquid flows. The compact multi-channel geometry and high permeability are optimized for bulk processing applications.

The BTS-ENGINEERING ceramic membrane has a wide range of application-specific geometries with pore sizes from 2 nm to 1200 Nm, making it ideal for microfiltration, ultrafiltration and nanofiltration.

The BTS-ENGINEERING ceramic membrane is available in sizes ranging from small laboratory instruments to individual modules with an area of 0.1 sq. m, which makes it possible to evaluate and scale processes to any size.

Types of ceramic membrane elements consist of a code and Arabic numerals according to the following rules.

    • 1. Brand

      BTS-Engineering brand for each ceramic element of the membrane. These include:

      • A. type
      • B. trademark
      • C. production date
    • 2. Packaging

BTS-ENGINEERING ceramic membrane is packed in wooden or paper cases for shipment and is firmly fixed by using shock-absorbing materials in the case.

    • 3. Transportation

The ceramic membrane must be treated with great care during transport to avoid bumps, bumps and pressure, and must be protected from dampness and extreme temperatures.

In any case, the membrane must be completely dry. You can't let it fall.