Pump food centrifugal G2-OPB 10m3/h, 1,5kW, 380V

Pump food centrifugal G2-OPB 10m3/h, 1,5kW, 380V


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The food pump G2-OPB (36-1Ts2,8-20) is average in a line on productivity and probably the most popular and demanded among centrifugal food pumps. If you want to buy a stainless steel food pump for pumping liquid non-aggressive or low-aggressive products with a temperature of up to 90˚C and a capacity of about 10 cubic meters. per hour, it is worth looking closely at this pump. Centrifugal pumps of the G2-OPB brand are very common, and are most widely used in the dairy industry: currently there is no dairy plant that does not use these pumps to pump almost all types of dairy products, so they are often called milk pumps. But it is also worth noting that these centrifugal pumps are actively used in other sectors of the food industry, on farms and in agricultural enterprises, pharmaceuticals and cosmetology, as well as in any industry where it is necessary to pump a similar viscosity product. Sometimes they are used for pumping liquid vegetable oil, and when installing an explosion-proof electric motor on the pump, the G2-OPB pump can pump alcohol-containing liquids. Unfortunately, the pump is not suitable for pumping beer and similar liquids, as it causes the product to foam during pumping. The G2-OPB pump is mounted on a 1.5 kW electric motor with a voltage of 380 volts. In the chamber of this food centrifugal pump on the tip rotates the impeller in the form of a disk (the type of pump refers to disk pumps). The chamber is closed by a cover by means of a clamp. The cover has an inlet pipe, which is located on the axis of the tip, and an outlet pipe, located tangential to the circumference of the cover. When the impeller rotates, a vacuum is created in the center of the chamber, due to which the pumped product enters the chamber through the inlet pipe. Under the action of centrifugal forces, the impeller of the product is thrown to the periphery and creates the pressure necessary for the exit of liquid through the outlet and transporting it further through the pipeline to the destination. In the food industry use centrifugal stainless steel pumps of several brands -OPV, which on the principle of action and design are almost indistinguishable from each other, but have different performance.

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