Milk pump G2-OPA 6,3m3/h, 0,75kW, 380V

Milk pump G2-OPA 6,3m3/h, 0,75kW, 380V


Features Milk pump G2-OPA 6,3m3/h, 0,75kW, 380V

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The dairy pump G2-OPA (36-1Ts1, 8-12), as well as pumps of the G2-OPB, G2-OPV (OPB-16) and 1G2-OPD brands belong to food centrifugal pumps of disk type which main working element is an impeller Due to the widespread use of these pumps in the dairy industry, they are often referred to as dairy pumps. dairy products, water, juices, detergents and other liquid non-aggressive or slightly aggressive products with a temperature up to 90 ° C. When the pump is running, do not allow idling, as lubrication of the end seal is carried out by a small amount of pumped product due to impregnation from the working pump chambers. The pump for pumping milk G2-OPA - monoblock, very compact and structurally simple. Productivity of the pump makes 6,3 cubic meters. per hour at a pressure of 12 meters. This food milk pump is installed on a flange electric motor with a capacity of 0.75 kW. The pump housing is attached directly to the motor flange, and the pump nozzle is pressed onto the motor shaft. The impeller (impeller), which is the main working body of the pump, is put on and clamped by a nut on a tip. The pump housing is closed through the sealing ring by the front cover and clamped by a long clamp. On the front cover of the pump there are suction and discharge pipes with a diameter of 40 mm. The pipes are attached to the pipes by means of quick-release threaded connections or through an elongated adapter in the case of connection to a hose (sleeve). Sealing of the working chamber of the pump is provided in the back part of the case of the pump. The prefabricated end seal is put on the tip, pressed by a spring and ensures the tightness of the working chamber of the pump. The pump is mounted on a support with three legs. If necessary, the pump can be installed on the mobile cart for alternate service of several units of the equipment. For protection of the electric motor against hit on it of water, the corrosion-proof protective cover is provided. The design of the pump provides disassembled washing and quick and easy disassembly.

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