18 Aug 2020

The solvent for the production of pectin is rectified ethanol (food alcohol). After the technological process of obtaining pectin, the solvent (ethanol) needs to be cleaned. Lines for cleaning solvent, ethanol, alcohol-food will be completed after cleaning the solvent from impurities by distillation.

Pectin for use in the food and pharmaceutical industry-a purified polysaccharide-is obtained by acid extraction from citrus fruits (lime, lemon, orange, grapefruit), apple pomace, sugar beet pulp, sea grass, or from sunflower baskets. The technological scheme for obtaining pectin provides for its extraction from raw materials, purification, precipitation with organic solvents, drying, grinding and so-called standardization. Standardization is the process of modifying the properties of pectin, achieved by physical and / or chemical methods, in order to bring them into line with the technological and prescription requirements of the production of various groups of food and non-food products. Pectin is a gel-forming agent, stabilizer, thickener, moisture-retaining agent, clarifier, filter aid and encapsulation agent, registered as a food additive E440.

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